Teap 2021 in Ulm
Abstract Submission

Although TeaP 2021 is organized by colleagues from Ulm, you must not travel to Ulm, but TeaP is coming to your home! It will thus be


General Information on Submissions

TeaP is a conference of experimental psychologists. We thus invite submissions of experimental research from all fields of psychology (e.g., cognitive, social, developmental, clinical, biological, emotional/motivational psychology, engineering psychology or other applications) and neighboring disciplines, as well as submissions of relevant methodological developments. Note that submissions that do not fit with the experimental focus of the conference might not be accepted. Only one submission as first author is allowed. All presenters must register and pay the registration fee.

If you have any questions concerning your submission, please contact teap2021@uni-ulm.de.

Submissions can be uploaded here.

Submission Types


A symposium lasts 60 minutes and involves thematically related presentations of different (groups of) authors. While we recommend five presentations per symposium, the number of presentations may vary between four and six. One of the presentations may be a discussion combining and expanding on the other presentations. The author submitting the symposium will be the symposium chair and is in charge of its internal organization.

Submitting a symposium involves two steps: As a first step, the symposium itself is submitted. This requires a brief summary of the overall topic as well as of the associated individual presentations. Additionally, for each associated presentation, a title and (at least) the first author must be specified. In total, the description of the symposium (i.e., the summary and the list of talks) must not exceed 350 words. As a second step, after being notified that the symposium was accepted, each of the pre-specified talks have to be submitted as a presentation (again with an abstract, see below). While doing so, please make sure that the talk is assigned to the correct symposium. To do so, simply choose the symposium title from the drop-down menu.


In presentations, authors show empirical research, methodological advances, or novel theoretical work on a particular topic. In order to submit a presentation, a title, the full list of authors and an abstract summarizing its content (150 to 250 words) is required. If your presentation is part of a symposium, please state so and please choose the respective symposium title from the drop-down menu. Presentations that are not associated with a particular symposium will be grouped based on thematic similarity by the organizing committee of the TeaP. For that purpose, you will be asked to specify at least one keyword when submitting a presentation. Please also indicate whether or not you would be willing to serve as a session chair.

There are two types of presentations, please choose:

Long presentations (formerly: talks) …

… are pre-recorded videos of maximally seven minutes which are played during a live session. Videos are followed by a five minutes live discussion period with the authors.

Short presentations (formerly: Posters) …

… are pre-recorded videos of maximally three minutes complemented by slides of your presentation (further slides at the end for background information are possible), which can be viewed by the conference attendees throughout the conference. There will be a possibility to interact with the presenter in a live discussion. All short presentations are eligible to get nominated for the poster prize.

Videos are stored and available for registered conference participants.

In case of too many submissions, the organizing committee reserves the right to transform long presentations into short ones.

Upload of presentation videos

Pre-recorded videos should be submitted until January 31 2021. Deadline for video upload has to be quite early so that there is sufficient time to check videos by the TeaP Organizing Team and to link them with the virtual conference room.

The video should be uploaded as mp4-file and not exceed 230 MB. Please keep in mind that your video should have a maximum duration of 07:00 minutes (long presentations) or 03:00 minutes (short presentations). The duration of each video will be checked by the TeaP team, and videos that are longer than the maximum duration will be returned to the presenter to be shortened.

To record a video, the simplest method is using the “Record Slideshow” option in PowerPoint. It is possible to record slides, narrative and webcam simultaneously and to export them as an mp4 file. See: http://bit.ly/2WoweZz. It is also possible to record directly from Keynote (for Mac OS X users): http://apple.co/3arXtuj. For more flexible recording approaches, here are some examples for alternatives: OBS Studio: https://obsproject.com/, Screenflow: https://www.telestream.net/screenflow/overview.htm or Camtasia: https://www.techsmith.com/video-editor.html. A useful tool for converting and reducing video file size might be Handbrake: https://handbrake.fr, but there are many other tools as well. If there are any further issues with regards to your video, please contact teap2021@uni-ulm.de.

Submission Deadlines

Contribution Submission Deadline
Symposia November 18, 2020
Long presentations December 8, 2020
Short presentations December 8, 2020
Video upload January 31, 2021