The conference is hosted at the Donauhalle in Ulm (Böfinger Str. 50, 89073 Ulm, Germany), a trade fair venue situated in a beautiful park, Friedrichsau, 5 min by tram from the city centre (how to get there). Below you can see images of the venue.

The reception on July 4th will take place in the Donauhalle. The conference dinner July 6th will be at the Wiley Club located in Neu-Ulm. 

If you have a disability and require additional or specialized services, please contact us, we are happy to give our support.



For the Conference Dinner on July 6 we invite you to Wiley Club, startig at 19:30

The address is Wileystraße 4, 89231 Neu-Ulm, link to Google maps

If you use public transport from Donausaal to the Club: 
Tramway No. 1, direction “Söflingen”, change at Hauptbahnhof to Bus No. 5 direction “Wiley” or “Ludwigsfeld”.
Alternatively, take bus No 59 from Donauhalle and then from Hauptbahnhof Bus No. 5 direction “Wiley” or “Ludwigsfeld”.