The program of IMRF 2022 is available now from within your IMRF account here

Accepted Symposia: 
  • On the dynamics and rehabilitative power of multisensory plasticity.
  • Auditory influences on low-level vision
  • New insights on multisensory brain organization from MVPA to laminar fMRI
  • Advances in Neural Modelling of Multisensory Integration
  • The non-veridical perception of touch: psychological and neural mechanisms and current theoretical approaches
  • Twenty years of the Sound Induced Flash Illusion: What have we learnt?
  • Multisensory Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Deafness and blindness as insights into cognition
  • (A)typical Multisensory Processing: from Bodily Self-Consciousness to Social Interactions
  • Multisensory development: localisation, learning and sensory loss

Below you find a tentative outline of the schedule, which is still subject to changes.