IMRF 2021

Although, the COVID-19 situation is getting better in some places around the world, it is still getting worse in a lot of other places, and travelling to and from Germany is still far away from normal. Additionally, distancing restrictions apply and will likely apply for quite some more time (maybe until a vaccination has been found), which would not allow us to host as many people as anticipated in the venue we reserved.

As many other conferences, we also considered moving to an online format for the IMRF meeting. However, we feel the community would not benefit as much as having a meeting in person. Therefore, we decided to postpone the IMRF meeting once again (and hopefully for the last time) to June 07-10, 2021.

Abstract submission and registration will stay open. All abstracts already submitted will be further considered. However, you can of course log on and adapt your abstracts (or symposia) until the new deadline for abstract submission. We will announce the new deadlines in due time.  The abstract submission and registration page can be found here. 

Be safe and stay healthy!!!!

The 20th International Multisensory Research Forum will be hosted by Ulm University, June 07-10, 2021. The event will take place at the Donauhalle next to the Danube river in Ulm, Germany.


Keynote Speakers:

      • Vincent Hayward (UPMC Paris & Actronika SAS)
      • Albrecht Schmid (LMU Munich)
      • Benedikt Grohte (LMU Munich):

Featured Symposia:

      • On the dynamics and rehabilitative power of multisensory plasticity.
      • Multisensory integration in self-motion perception
      • Auditory influences on low-level vision
      • New insights on multisensory brain organization from MVPA to laminar fMRI
      • Mechanisms of multisensory recalibration
      • Advances in Neural Modelling of Multisensory Integration
      • The non-veridical perception of touch: psychological and neural mechanisms and current theoretical approaches
      • Twenty years of the Sound Induced Flash Illusion: What have we learnt?
      • Multisensory Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorders
      • Deafness and blindness as insights into cognition
      • (A)typical Multisensory Processing: from Bodily Self-Consciousness to Social Interactions
      • Multisensory development: localisation, learning and sensory loss

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